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ChannelDoorCounty.com™ Digital Media/eCommerce Business Opportunity

ChannelDoorCounty.com™ Digital Media/eCommerce Business Opportunity

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Product Description


99% of Door County Lovers aren’t here 99% of the time!



You have that Door County dream. You’d love to ‘chuck it all’ and move here.

This is an opportunity for a ‘Proprietor ~ Managing Editor’ of a multifaceted digital media, advertising, publishing effort, with integrated e-commerce. All positioned nicely for the future with training and support available. ChannelDoorCounty.com™

Door County has fans all over the world, not unlike NFL’s Green Bay Packers®. These fans have limited options to engage with this incredible experience or ‘brand’. First conjured up 2008 we envisioned an inclusive, digital interactive engagement platform for these legions of fans and soon to be fans. We have slowly built a national audience and engaging online properties as we continue to fill out the vision. This entire business opportunity is now looking for it's own full-time proprietor/managing editor. Our various interactive unique publications are available to enjoy links below.

By intention, we have shaped our digital efforts to entertain/engage the 45,000 opt-in Door County enthusiasts in our national community and growing, all which have opted in across our channels, allowing our branded opportunities to become the invited guests in homes (living rooms) & offices everywhere and any device 24/7.

Take the helm. Learn about  ‘Living The Cherry Life!™’ read on. We are looking for just the right someone that would love to operate a lifestyle business here in Door County. Interested? Training and mentor-ship available.  An affordable lease/license arrangement. Read on.

What is Channel Door County.comA pretty cool & interesting group of business efforts fully integrated or intertwined and designed to interact with the Door County enthusiast locally, regionally, nationally and well, worldwide. A small business opportunity located in and focused on one of the top ten vacation areas in the United States. 

By intention, we have shaped our digital efforts to entertain/engage the 45,000 opt-in Door County enthusiasts and growing which have opted in across our channels, our branded opportunities have become the invited guests in homes & offices everywhere and any device. Our signature effort NewsPixels of Door County carries and delivers this multifaceted to big SMART TV's in livings rooms across America. Our properties have been engaged with in 1000's of cities across the United States and the World. 

Our Door County lifestyle branded effort includes: 5 parts and multiple revenue channels that are ready. 

Nationwide/Worldwide efforts.

Channel Door County.com™ Door County Social Media Channels. an exceptional ‘brand’ influencer.


Run a local ad agency/ ad channel. Just just any but one that help many revel in the Door County experience. The Door County Digital Broadcast Ad Network Over 45,000 in channel. An analogy I like to use, if you want to reach golf fans you'd use the Golf Channel which golf fans have well, an affinity for, likewise in our 'channels' we reach 10's of 1,000's of Door County enthusiasts worldwide while they dream, plan, and scheme their next visit. And with our attractive Channels Door County.com branded ads in social media channels we enjoy ad engagement levels aka CTR's 3 to 13X ad placed nationally in same categories.  Co-branded ads. Our Channel present tours or cottages or shops or you name it. 

As an exceptional ‘brand’ influencer. We present local opportunities, experiences, real estate to those (targeted) likely consumers/buyers nationwide with attractively branded ads pulsated to DC fans anywhere any device. Lots of upside here. Just 'dropping a link' in front of our crowd get attention. We have lots of power interactive ad examples with stats. Start a conversation and we'll show you.

NewspixelsDoor County  

newspixels-logo-door-county-social-300-png.png newspixels-cloud-logo-2-12-18.jpg

Newspixels™ (Trademarked and copyright, I.P. pending) A really engaging, novel digital magazine platform. Our unique, proprietary, copyrighted and trademarked interactive digital magazine-like platform resides in the cloud, contains content contributed by the crowd, and is presented in a cool way worldwide. Designed for visual serendipitous discovery, media distribution, articles, photography, video, poems, interviews, our media (think Guidebooks and other magazines), tickets, experiences, brochures, social media and much much more on the biggest screen you own… Especially a smart TV. Link ~ Would operate under a license from us, term TBD ~ zero paper waste. Designed for your biggest screen immersive experience. Use our smartphone to control this experience on your BIG smart TV in living rooms anywhere! The newspaper needed to be upstaged for the 21st Century and here it is.Zero paper waste!


ShopAllDoorCounty.com™ shop-all-door-county-logo-door-county-social-orange-300-png.png chan-raw-test-curv-png.pngbranded as Channel™ Door County A mini Amazon.com® for the Door County experience. A way for the nation to shop here when they are not. All categories. This is also known as Channel™ Door County. Link


Door County Social Fine Art & Photography Gallery™ Store.

35 Online galleries presented globally. Leveraging print on demand, outsourced fulfillment and drop shipping. iTunes like revenue share business model with the photographers and artists. Link

DoorCountyWishBook.com™ Neiman Marcus had one Door county needed one. Ours are digital and enjoyed nationwide annually. Distributed through our DC Newspixels™ platform and independently.

DoorCountyBrochures.com™ Millennial's aren't going to be walking around with a wad of paper brochures jammed in their pocket! Link

And more... All set up for relatively easy continuous creation, commerce (reoccurring revenue), and management.


Main Social Channel;



Strength; The never-ending appeal of Door County. The whole opportunity is designed for the modern world. Unique, there are hundred(s) of restaurants up here and only one Channel Door County.


Opportunity; This opportunity has tremendous upside. It is now ripe for full business development. Our efforts from the start were set up with a dual mission of doing good while doing good. We realize as Steve Job’s said, there is only so much time so you have to make choices. .. As much as we love this effort, as a serial entrepreneur I (we) have another mission-driven opportunity calling us so we have to make choices, hence the opportunity. Don’t wait.


Price: Very affordable. Like a low cost franchise**. An opportunity to lease/license this entire business unit to a passionate ‘Proprietor ~ Managing Editor’. A training period included of course. A behind the scenes, mentor-like arrangement is possible/preferred. The NewsPixels™ would be operated under a license as it is under continuous improvement. In the right situation I would consider financing with a certain amount down. 


Contact: Perry Andropolis Founder/CTO/UX


920..256..0644  perry.magic@gmail.com  


  • Buyers broker? Reach out. Let’s talk.

Our channels

www.doorocountynewspixels.com  Our proprietary platform consumed/enjoyed in over 3000 communities (zero paper waste).

www.facebook.com/doorcountywi  over 39,000 fans and growing Est. in 2008

www.instagram.com/doorcountyusa over 4,000 fans and growing

www.twitter.com/doorcountyusa over 875 and growing 



Live The Cherry Life!™ in person ideally, vicariously if you have to! 24/7.






 Why not own a lifestyle business? 

    • Def; From Wikipedia – A lifestyle business is a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle. The main requirement of a lifestyle business is just that it allows the entrepreneur/owner to live how he or she wants to live now while running the company. – As we like to say – To Live The Cherry Life!™

      Our marketing efforts enjoy engagement levels that national brands enjoy.
      These are well-thought-out properties, some very leading edge/positioned for the future – the details and behind the scenes info is proprietary and would require both and disclosure and nondisclosure forms in writing before/at a discussion in a personal meeting.
      Explore this site to learn more then contact us to inquire further. Let’s start a conversation about a career you don’t need a vacation from. We would consider owner financing in the right situation for part of this agreement.

    • Channel Door County.com
    • Live The Cherry Life! 

      Contact: Perry Andropolis Founder/CTO/UX

      920..256..0644  perry.magic@gmail.com  

      Thank you. Perry & Tracy, Creators/Founders. Our family has ties that go back 100 + years in Door County and have been doing business continuously for 51 years in the county. 


Channel Door County.com

Live The Cherry Life!

Door County Social

The Door County Channel

The National Door County Social Channel

The Door County Social™ Network

Channel™ Door County


and others

Copyrights and trademarks 2004 = 2018. All rights reserved.

A Channel Door County.com™ Experience.

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