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e-Book Fighting Cancer? A Battle Plan For Hope. By Fred Wittig Door County Author & Healthy Way owner. Available as instant download.

e-Book Fighting Cancer? A Battle Plan For Hope. By Fred Wittig Door County Author & Healthy Way owner. Available as instant download.


Product Description

Cancer / Candida Research Project

Non-Invasive ways to suppress Candida also known as Cancer

Based on the work of Oncologist Tullio Simoncini and others.

The following is an abbreviated proposed outline of a very unique and highly effective approach to fighting cancer caused by Candida. It is the summaries of the work of a number of MD’s who specialize in science based solutions for cancer and have outstanding success including: Simoncini, Sircus, Brownstein, Tel-Oren, Hamar, Coldwell and others. I compiled this over a few years and bring you the best I could find. I am just bringing you what is available to anyone in the public domain who has access to books and the web. We need a new approach and must be able to improve on a 95% death rate before 5 years and $350,000 average per patient cost for traditional therapies of Chemo, Radiation, and Surgery.

No one can cure “Cancer” because that is the ugly business man created. This work is about Candida.

I am not an MD, ND or any certified medical professional, just a researcher and teacher of what I have learned over the last 6 years. My expertise is logical creative problem solving.

This program is shortened up to include just what you need to make things happen. It is not a collection of everything leaving you to figure it out like most other books. This is not a text book to make you into an expert. Look what happens when a quarterback gives a play number in the huddle and goes for a touchdown. This is just what you need to win.

Yes this is a plan but it also is a fresh approach to problem solving that is terrain based, how the body responds naturally, and that problems are created by a chain of events, not just one component. This chain goes back to the cause and forward to creating other health issues. This new path opens up solutions for other health challenges.

So let’s start with our thinking, assuming you are in shock with a recent diagnosis or worn out and ready to give up. This program will give anyone hope because you will be saying to yourself …gosh that makes sense…why didn’t someone tell me?…… I can do this!

The approach is common sense based but also very personal… so let’s think about saying yes to …

The preceding was taken from the intro. A 22 page booklet (PDF)

A little background about me, Fred Wittig:

Born in Green Bay,WI

1 year at UW Madison – 2 years at MSOE, engineering35 years in the manufacturing industry related to machining and manufacturing. Machinist, Supervisor, Mfg Engineer, Chief Engineer, National Sales Manager at a number of companies. Applications Engineer Independent Representative for special machine builders.

Taught Math at Tech school part time and an in house training program for exceptional employees. Speciality in high volume machining concepts, problem solving and innovative processes.

Other ventures: Solar Energy, Septic Design and inspection, Festival Characters, Energy conservation.

My path to natural health research:

2001 I purchased a health food store to be more involved in the community and impact my 6 successful children and grandchildren.

2006 my wife, Dawn, found a lump… breast cancer. I turned my engineering problem solving skills combined with the many contacts we had with the store suppliers, our radio health show, extensive health library, and web to find answers.  When my boss, Klaus Werner, founder of ATS, passed away with cancer I knew I had to keep working on this.

It didn’t take long to see what they were doing made no scientific or common sense. I also could see that the drug system was powerful and controlled everyone related to the cancer industry and was unbelievably heartless.

Then a major breakthrough happened with the discovery of Dr. Simoncini and other humanitarian MD’s, especially Dr. Tel-Oren. Juggling a number of small business ventures, researching cancer was only part time but never stopped.  Over the last few years I let go of other activities and focused more intensely on the cancer project that led to a unique approach that was so simple but not written about. It is interesting that this approach or system can be applied successfully to other health issues like MS, Diabetes, and most so called incurables. It seems like a wide open field to solving so many health issues including the most important…… prevention.

Another recent breakthrough blessing was finding an amazing new team of helpers/partners who came with degrees, experience and a passion for wellness.(just ckeck out the link to the Healthy Way Store, and read about our incredible staff)

Many people have done this program and none that I am aware of were lost. Many were shown the program, refused and lost.  Now is the time to find a way to communicate the program as we continue refining the protocol plus ongoing research for other issues.  Consider joining us. Thank you Fred Wittig. 

Fred Wittig Door County is the Founder of The Sacred Life Center.

See sacredlifecenter.org for more.

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