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The Door County Social™ nexus, A Lifestyle Business.

The Door County Social™ nexus, A Lifestyle Business.

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You have that Door County dream. You’d love to 'chuck it all' and be part of a very unique to Door County business. You can combine your passions and become a managing partner (or other) of multifaceted modern business opportunity, one positioned nicely for the future. Take the helm. Learn about  ‘Living The Cherry Life!™’ read on. This year, we are looking for just the right managing partner that would love work in/operate a lifestyle business. Interested? Training and mentorship available. 

What is The Door County Social™ nexus?

A really cool & interesting group of business efforts designed to interact with the Door County enthusiast locally, regionally, nationally and well, worldwide.  A small business opportunity located in and focused on one of the top ten vacation areas in the United States. 



Live The Cherry Life!™ in person ideally, vicariously if you have to! 24/7.


99% of ‘Door County Lovers aren’t here 99% of the time!


Door County has fans all over the world, not unlike NFL's Green Bay Packers®. These fans have limited options to engage this ‘brand’. First conjured up 2008 we envisioned an inclusive, digital interactive engagement platform for these legions of fans and soon to be fans. We have slowly built a national audience and engaging properties as we continue to fill out the vision.

We have shaped our digital offerings as a form of entertainment to become the invited guests in homes & offices everywhere. 

Example, another one my analogies - 'golf fans', how does a business reach the 'golf fan'? Well, the Golf Channel is a good bet because golf fans flock to the Golf Channel. Us, how does that translate? With the methods and channels or collectively what we call our platform we can pulsate out content and opportunities, ideas, suggestions through our properties to Door County enthusiasts anywhere (and those soon to be), anytime in a method that gets strong positive reception. In other words we can influence decisions. 

We’ll hook’em with engaging content and connect them to embedded shopping, booking and other opportunities, experiences - a collective of specialized, online retail portals and just content to entertain and pass time. It allows Door County lovers to discover, relish in and support this special place.  This platform we built is pretty innovative. 

Our Door County lifestyle branded effort includes..


  • Door County’s national digital broadcast ad network. Our 'in-house ad agency' with dedicated branded digital marketing channels. 

  • DC Newspixels™. Interactive digital magazine-like platform. Designed for serendipitous discovery on the biggest screen you own..

  • ShopAllDoorCounty.com™

  • DoorCounty.Gallery™

  • DoorCountyWishBook.com™

  • DoorCountyBrochures.com™ (in dev.) Millennials aren't going to be walking around with a wad of paper brochures jammed in their pocket!

  • Door County Social Fine Art & Photography Gallery™

  • The Door County Social Shop™ Five Season 'physical' Market Downtown Sturgeon Bay**. Local goods. Supports Door County's entrepreneurial GDP. 

  • Door County Bookstore™ 
  • And more... All set up for relatively easy continuous creation, commerce and management. 

    • Explained below. Please read on.



Door County Social™ is a growing platform of properties designed as a form of entertainment to engage the Door County community of enthusiasts from near or far and designed to create recurring revenue and lots of impressions. Help the Door County lover find just the right experience, place to stay, career?, while dream and scheme their next visit from many miles away. A complete leading edge omnichannel physical & digital ‘entertainment with meaning’ platform. The only thing missing is our managing partner.

99% of ‘Door County Lovers aren’t here 99% of the time!

Live The Cherry Life™ in person ideally, vicariously if you have to! 24/7.

Our physical and virtual ‘nexus’ of Door County efforts. Please read on..

The Door County Social™ Digital Broadcast Ad Network. 

This is a very powerful attractively branded interactive ad channel that allows us to personally program and delivers ads for clients whose own brand can piggyback our branded, logoed interactive ads and now co-branded can enjoy high engagement rates. Targeting any demo you can imagine. High levels of views, and engagement Given the sheer numbers of opt-in fans we reach this is powerful.
An analogy I like to use, like a 'visual' national niche radio station, an entertainment channel for the national Door County lover. Our ad engagement rating is many times 3x or more the national avg. for specific categories.
Those businesses wondering what is next as radio and newspapers decline this is it for the Door County enthusiast. See more Example, we can even help any DC employer search the nation for those execs, employees, reaching those who may not even by looking be keeping their 'eyes open' for a new opportunity. We can target by industry many other filters and with our co-branding our engagement rates skyrocket.





Door County Newspixels™ – Copyrighted. Timeless digital issues are like an updateable coffee table book. They have been enjoyed in over 5000 cities. The Dreaming issue enjoyed in over 27 countries and featuring the Door County Tesla (car) connection See it. Created with the help of 17 freelancers. Our first 5 where accepted into the Library Of Congress. Enjoy the latest on your biggest screen (smart TV preferred). Link. This one asset alone could be a significant business. Together it's quite something wonderfully engaging. Designed exclusively to carry and present the Door County experience worldwide. TAP Image Below. Your browser will transform into a amazing Door County platform (Cast it to your smart tv!)


The Door County Social Shop™ Five Season Market** – This physical shop opened in 2016 in a key year-round location downtown Sturgeon Bay serves as our ‘physical’ Door County Social nexus. Every community needs a cool shop that features local goods – this is Door County’s. Now part of our family of efforts. A special place for Door County Lovers. So many beautiful items. Nicessities™ All by Door County/Lakeshore 22+ local entrepreneurs, makers, designers, artisans and small businesses. Stop by, see our ever-growing selections. A way to the Door County lover support the region’s creative GDP, buy local! Our business, digital design office and studio are located within. **This retail opp. is also up for discussion as part of a possible agreement. The fifth season? That long cold spot on the calendar between the Holidays and spring we call the Dreaming season. The shop is open year-round at 44 N. 3rd Sturgeon Bay a key retail location

ShopAllDoorCounty.com™ offers a collective e-commerce solution for the world to discover, enjoy and purchase all things emanating from Door County. This is a tool for any on the peninsula to use as a sales channel to expose their offerings to a new audience. Goods, products, services, experiences, business opportunities, homes for sale by owner, music, tickets for events, artwork, photography, ebooks, collectibles, gift certificates and non-profit efforts. A mini Amazon.com for the Door County experience. See more

Door County Social Fine Art & Photography Gallery™ A growing collection of digital galleries – now 35. This creative community of Door County needs to be enjoyed globally, especially the upcoming generation of artisans and photographers. Our platform offers ease of use and is enjoyable on a Smart T.V. to a mobile device, seamless transactions, and a quality guarantee. And a revenue share business model somewhat like iTunes. Over $1 Million in inventory. Our partnership with a group of 14 print on demand fulfillment centers handles everything. See it.

Door County Social Bookstore™ – the largest Door County related bookstore in the world. Browse it.

Digital Brochures™ & Guides (proprietary discovery platform in dev.) and DC global media distribution – take adv. of critical mass and dist. through our massive digital network. Works on all devices but be sure to check this out on a big smart TV for full effect. Through our proprietary Newspixel™ platform See more.  Millennials aren’t going to be walking around with ‘paper’ brochures stuffed in their pocket!

DoorCountyWishBook.com™ Launched nationally in Nov. 2015 Big response! Look for seasonal Wish Books coming. they are carried inside our proprietary NewsPixels™ platform. Link

A variety of ad products designed and presented through our channels. Very high engagement – our ads presented by our iconic Door County branding is the invited guest across the nation of devices. 


eTNT Digital™ (Door County division) has become a significant digital agency, (explore this site link) marketing channel, content distribution & discovery network in its own right. Originally designed to market our families properties in the modern world, it has grown and now offers leading-edge products with multiple revenue channels/products. eTNT has exclusive access to and is wrapped together with Door County Social™ for this opportunity. Both efforts align with our core business philosophy of sustainability. Helping, in this case, to reduce marketing paper waste among other benefits.

dig. 849823_960_720

Digital or bricks and mortar business? This is the 21st. Century and the nation rolls in the digital world. This is an omnichannel blended the best of both worlds. This entire effort is set up to be a really cool form of entertainment for those nearby and especially those from afar. A lot of thought has gone into its early design and it offers many ways to grow revenue and much of it reoccurring revenue. When you’re looking at business opportunities this is a key item to look at.  

  • Why not own a lifestyle business? 
    • Def; From Wikipedia – A lifestyle business is a business set up and run by its founders primarily with the aim of sustaining a particular level of income and no more; or to provide a foundation from which to enjoy a particular lifestyle. The main requirement of a lifestyle business is just that it allows the entrepreneur/owner to live how he or she wants to live now while running the company. – As we like to say – To Live The Cherry Life!™

      Our community… our growing digital channels have close to 41,000 opt-in Door County enthusiasts from all over the U.S.
       Last check our digital publications they have been consumed in over 5000 cities worldwide.
      Our digital Door County Wish Book(s) have been a big hit. The Holiday version was consumed/enjoyed in 122 cities in the first four days. In a couple weeks we avoided 200 lbs. marketing paper waste alone – and we know how long each page was engaged with, pinch/zoom locations and more. Last centuries print and radio and have long passed by digital in its effectiveness.
      Notes on our ad network - One recent promoted post through our network reached over 34,000 people in 2 days with over 3,800 of those directly engaging with that post. These are the engagement levels that national brands enjoy.
      These are well-thought-out properties, some very leading edge/positioned for the future – the details and behind the scenes info is proprietary and would require both and disclosure and nondisclosure forms in writing before/at a discussion in a personal meeting.
      Explore this site to learn more then contact us to inquire further. Let’s start a conversation about a career you don’t need a vacation from. We would consider owner financing in the right situation for part of this agreement.

    • Live The Cherry Life!
      Thank you. Perry & Tracy, Creators/Founders. Our family has ties that go back 100 + years in Door County and have been doing business continuously for 49 years in the county. perry.magic@gmail.com 920.256.0644

    • Buyers broker? Reach out. Let's talk.

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